My Newest Free WordPress Theme: Interiors

My newest free WordPress theme, Interiors, is a super clean, flat design with custom background, custom header image, custom colors and the option to upload a logo. It has been submitted but not yet approved – you can see a screenshot here:

free wordpress theme

If you know how to click a mouse, you can completely change the look of Interiors through the Theme Customizer in the WordPress back end. Change the background color, the header image, change the colors and upload a logo – without knowing a bit of code.

Interiors has been submitted to WordPress but has not yet been approved. I may release it here if it takes much longer. In the meantime, to see other free WordPress themes, check the Themes link in the top menu.

A Halloween WordPress Theme: Haunted

My newest WordPress theme, Haunted, is not yet available for download, but you can see a preview by clicking the screenshot below. It’s been submitted to the directory, but if it gets much closer to Halloween and it hasn’t been approved, I’ll release it here. I think you’ll love it. It was a lot of fun to create.

UPDATE: Haunted is now published and can be downloaded. Clicking the below screenshot will take you to the Haunted page.

Haunted - a WordPress theme

Haunted is an ideal theme for Halloween, but also works well for anyone who wants a dark, gothic feel to their website.

Because Haunted has not yet been approved, but it is already October, I will be updating this post today to provide a download.

WordPress Themes Updated & Available for Download!

I’ve finished updating all of my old WordPress themes – they’re available for download at

And I haven’t stopped there; I’ve submitted another WordPress theme called Silver, Blue and Gold, and am adding the finishing touches to a very fun theme for Halloween which will be ready in a couple of days.

Click the screenshot for a preview of Silver, Blue and Gold:

wordpress themes

Update: I’ve decided to withdraw this theme from consideration. All images and resources used in WordPress themes must be GPL-compatible. The sunset image I was using is not GPL-compatible. It’s public domain, but it requires a link back. I should have read the license more closely, but I was so taken with the gorgeous image! I’ve looked and looked for a comparable image, but none of them grabbed me. I’ll be using the layout again, but with different colors and another image which is not silver, blue or gold, so the title becomes somewhat useless. Stay tuned for it though – I think I’m going to call it Paradise and it will be gorgeous!

Update to my update: I can use the image! So Silver, Blue and Gold shall be released as planned. I am leaving it in the queue and hopefully you’ll be able to download it soon.


Welcome to Rose City Gardens. Over the coming weeks, I will be updating my WordPress themes and submitting them to the site. Green Apples, Tickled Pink and Daisy Gray are finished, Blossom is under review, and I am putting the finishing touches on the new version of Zeeb.

I use this site for building themes and testing software, so you might find that it looks different from one day to the next. The themes are listed at the start of the main menu. The URL to download will be on the pages, along with a screenshot and any other pertinent information.

Thanks for visiting, and tell your friends!