WordPress Themes Updated & Available for Download!

I’ve finished updating all of my old WordPress themes – they’re available for download at WordPress.org.

And I haven’t stopped there; I’ve submitted another WordPress theme called Silver, Blue and Gold, and am adding the finishing touches to a very fun theme for Halloween which will be ready in a couple of days.

Click the screenshot for a preview of Silver, Blue and Gold:

wordpress themes

Update: I’ve decided to withdraw this theme from consideration. All images and resources used in WordPress themes must be GPL-compatible. The sunset image I was using is not GPL-compatible. It’s public domain, but it requires a link back. I should have read the license more closely, but I was so taken with the gorgeous image! I’ve looked and looked for a comparable image, but none of them grabbed me. I’ll be using the layout again, but with different colors and another image which is not silver, blue or gold, so the title becomes somewhat useless. Stay tuned for it though – I think I’m going to call it Paradise and it will be gorgeous!

Update to my update: I can use the image! So Silver, Blue and Gold shall be released as planned. I am leaving it in the queue and hopefully you’ll be able to download it soon.

14 thoughts on “WordPress Themes Updated & Available for Download!

  1. Hi, thanks for the great theme. How can I reduce the header image width or remove full header image so that my body text part will go up? Please suggest.


    • Hello Ram – you have the option to change out the header image under Appearance > Customize in the WP backend. Or if you like, you can remove it altogether from header.php. Look for and remove this code:

      Thanks for using my theme! 🙂


  2. Laura Eilers says:

    I love this theme, so thank you for making it!

    Is there any way to remove the page listing from the header? I prefer to keep the pages in the sidebar. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi,
    I love your silver, blue and gold theme and want it for my blog.. However, on your LEAVE A REPLY form (the one I’m writing on), it doesn’t have the labels for name, email, and webmail and the *
    Can this be corrected? Thanks much, Gary

  4. I just stumbled onto the Haunted theme. I really like it. Is there someway to solidify the background a touch so t’s not quite so transparent? Also, the header, is there a way to change the text for the name and sub to Vampiro font?

    • So sorry for the loooooong wait for a reply. You can change the font of the title as well as the transparency in the style sheet.

  5. HI Liane I’m wondering if I could ask your permission to use the background image from your theme, “Haunted”? This is an incredible image and I really would like it for my classic horror film site. Would this be ok??

    • Hi Jamie – if you look in the readme file, it should give the credit for the image. I believe it’s from someone at Deviant Art, and I’m sure they will have no problem with you using it as long as you credit them somewhere; in the footer, perhaps.


  6. Hi Liane. Thank you for your wonderful “Haunted” theme. Is there a way to make a post and/or page STICKY? The fields below this reply are blank. I cannot see what info they are asking for.

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