WordPress Obsessed!

The tagline says it all – I am WordPress obsessed! I love this software and I love writing themes for it. I stopped doing anything related to web development when I became ill and retired, and when I came back to it a few months ago, boy had things changed! I had to scramble to catch up, but I m well on my way to learning more and more about this wonderful platform.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blog software, yes, but it also makes an awesome CMS. Plugins extend its functionality even more; you can use it for just about every kind of site. There s a fairly short learning curve – you don t need to know HTML to add content. In fact, if you can send an email or fill in a form, you can easily update your own site.

Why I Use WordPress

I ve always loved open source. I remember the first script that I used; it was called formmail, a simple contact form script. The script itself ended up being banned from our servers for insecurity, but I ll never forget how I felt after I struggled with it and finally got it to work. Victory! Coming back to WordPress after some years away kind of recaptures that newness for me. When I figured out the customizer panels I was in heaven! Like most open source software applications, WordPress has a very large user community and there is a wealth of information and help to be found.

You ll be seeing a lot more themes from Rose City Gardens. I ve finished the .psd for the next one, which you ll probably get a peek at in the next couple of weeks. To have a look at all of the themes, click the themes link on the top menu or visit my profile.